Friday, June 20, 2008

Triple threat

Whew! I stressed myself out a bit last night. It's Get Coffee's Grand Opening this weekend and I am going camping! So when she asked for three different kinds of cupcakes for her big day, I was under the gun to get them knocked out before I leave this afternoon. On Wednesday, I made orange cupcakes using Amy Sedaris' vanilla cupcake recipe but substituting one teaspoon of orange extract for vanilla and adding a package of vanilla pudding and a drained can of mandarine oranges. It was late at night when I made them so my only reviewers were myself and I think they are amazing and Chuck who said "I don't like Dreamcicles but if I did, I would like these because they taste just like them." So basically, mission accomplished! Put those bad boys in the freezer to stay fresh for Ms. Durenda.

Last night we met up with my wonderful MIL who was in town from Texas and had a bunch of stuff to lend us for our camping trip! So we didn't get home until 9pm and I still had two types of cupcakes left to bake! I made the lemon cupcakes since I still had some Swiss Meringue icing left from the last batch and then whipped up some chocolate malted cupcakes, again using Amy's vanilla recipe but adding a package of chocolate pudding and a cup of sour cream just for fun!

While those baked, I did a batch of Swiss Meringe Buttercream and split it in half. It was kind of goopy - I don't think I whipped the eggs & sugar long enough or my butter was too soft or a combination of bost. But it was tolerable and it was too late at night to try again. To one half I added vanilla extract and to the other half, some vanilla and some orange extract and food coloring. Then I realized I had only small pastry bags left so struggled to keep the two separated to make some cool Dreamcicle-like icing on top. I didn't do too badly really and after some time in the fridge, they set nicely.

Got up way early this morning to make my chocolate malted buttercream and iced the chocolate and the lemon cupcakes before getting the girls up and ready for the day. WHEW! I am exhausted and we're supposed to leave for the campsite at 5:00 today! Did I mention that we haven't packed yet? Pray for me.


How To Eat A Cupcake said...

First I gotta say *applause* because that's a lot of work!

For SMBC, the egg whites/sugar are whipped enough when they become room temperature. That's when it's time to add the butter. I don't think butter can be too soft for SMBC... unless it's melted duh. Haha, but you gotta make sure you whip the HECK out of it after you add the butter. Sometimes it takes me twice as long as other times, but it will eventually transform into lusciousness! :) I hope I could help.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

I noticed on your profile, we have very similar music taste. Nice!

Stef said...

You've won the brewed chocolate!! Congrats!!! Drop me an email at stef at foodinterviews dot com with your shipping info.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

I hope you post the caramel cupcakes!